Hello Peter, Ashur and Lindsay

WOW do you ever have wonderful folks working for you!

AJ and his crew arrived at 7:30 this morning. They all worked like very, very busy bees (did not see anyone of them taking a break) and the entire job was completed by around 5:15pm —- Wow eh! I thought this would take a few days. They were terrific guys and when outside I got to hear their music as well. You could tell that these men actually were having fun working at a hard job.

Now the best news — They did an unbelievable job of cleaning things up. No kidding, when they left our driveway you wouldn’t believe what was done today. All the debris was gone and all areas were left clean as a whistle. Even our new roof looks nice. You sure have a terrific crew that I am sure you highly appreciate. I sure would recommend them and your company to anyone.

Many thanks for everything.


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